Lifeskills for Dogs

Lifeskills for Dogs – new packages coming soon!

We all know how hard it can be to train a dog – well, not any more! At Somerset Dog Walking, we use simple force-free games on our walks to help dogs with simple behaviours.

Stop Pulling…Fast

How nice would it be for you to take your dog for a walk, rather than have them take you for one? Pulling can be a thing of the past, simply by engaging your dog – they connect with you, you are THE BEST THING EVER!!! so they don’t need to pull your arm out of it’s socket to get to the smelly thing, the running thing, the dirty thing. We’ve got a stress free secret to share with you!

Total Recall

Is your dog a serial absconder? Would they be off after the other dogs in a heartbeat? Are you reluctant to trust your dog off-lead for fear they wouldn’t come back? With a few games, recall can be seriously improved – and they can be done in the safety of your own home before moving to a distraction filled environment to increase the chances of success. A few fun games at home, done daily, and your dog will be running back to you for more.

Barking Mad

Does your dog bark, snap and lunge at other dogs? A few simple distraction techniques for your dog (plus handy hints on how our body language affects the dog) can take your dog from stressed to chilled in no time. We’ve taken a reactive dog to a stage where he met 12 – yes, TWELVE!! – off lead dogs on one walk with no issues whatsoever. He was awesome. Yours can be too.

Door Manners

Does your dog go crazy when the doorbell rings? Or get over-excited at the thought of the front door being opened? In just 5 minutes you can see a difference in your dog – and practiced daily, you will have a dog your visitors and guests will adore!

Jumping for Joy

We love happy dogs, but sometimes jumping up isn’t ideal. Jumping up at strangers, who may be wary or fearful of dogs, can have serious consequences. Calming games, rewarding for being on all-fours, are ideal. The aim here is to replace the undesired behaviour with the desired behaviour, through repetition – and it’s easily done at home!

Home Alone

Does your dog stress out whenever you leave the house? We’d all love to be with our dogs all day, but when it’s not possible the best you can do is hire a good dog walker (ahem!) and make sure your dog is content to be alone.  Separation anxiety (unless truly severe, in which case veterinary assistance may be required) can be greatly reduced with a change of routine, some fun tools and the period of alone-time can be built up without causing your dog anxiety.

Practice Makes Perfect

Dog behaviour is not something that can be changed overnight. It takes practice, short bursts to keep your dog engaged and happy. A side effect of playing training games with your dog is that they will bond with you more, so further training becomes easier and easier. It’s not an instant fix – training is something that should ideally be part of your daily routine with your dog, and with our games it’s so easy! They are quick, fun and your dog will love them.

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