Save a dog’s life – use a lead


Puppy chewing a lead

So many times, when we are out and about in urban/suburban areas we see people walking with their dogs off lead. It makes us worry.

How well do you know your dog?

Yes, we all feel that we know their dogs well enough to trust that they won’t run off, jump into the road or get into trouble – but this doesn’t stop nature from taking over sometimes. What would happen if there was a loud, unexpected noise from behind a wall or fence?

What if someone decided to start the hedge trimmer or chainsaw?
What if a car backfired?
What if a cat leapt down in front? 
What if…

Suddenly, our usually well behaved dog no longer sticks to the path. They jump, they run, they chase. We no longer have control and our dog is a danger to themselves and others. They may be scared and recall is simply not happening.

Safety & welfare

It is so very important for our dog’s safety and welfare to keep them on a lead in a built up area. Of course all dogs want to run around and play, but there is a time and place  and as responsible dog walkers we only ever let dogs off lead in secure spaces.

It’s up to us to keep our dogs safe as well as happy.

Save a life today – use a lead.

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