3 great places to walk your dog in Somerset

Somerset is a beautiful county, full of rolling hills and open fields. There are loads of places to walk your dogs - here are three of our favourites! Cothelstone Hill This has to have one of the best vantage points in Somerset! The 360 degree view from the ruins of a Folly at the top… Continue reading 3 great places to walk your dog in Somerset


Quick & easy DIY Dog Biscuits

Training treats - or just treats - can be so expensive, so why not ditch the packaged versions and make your own? They are so tasty, your Pooch will really thank you for it. Our current favourite is Sardine Biscuits. These tasty tidbits are made using ingredients you probably have in your store cupboard already,… Continue reading Quick & easy DIY Dog Biscuits

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5 benefits of a dog walker

We'd love to spend all our time with our dogs, but sometimes life gets in the way - whether it's work, holidays, hospital visits or urgent appointments we simply can't miss. Sometimes we need to leave our canine companions for longer than we would like. What are the options? Leave Fido on his own? This… Continue reading 5 benefits of a dog walker