Cat Sitting

Are you jetting off on your holidays and worried about your Feline Friend? Why not use our Cat Sitting Services?

To give you peace of mind while you’re away, we offer the following as part of our Cat Sitting package:

Food & Water

We will ensure that your cat has access to clean water and fresh food. We will wash and wipe the bowls/feeding mats too.


We will sit with your cat, giving them some much-needed company while you are away, whether it’s playing with toys or just a cuddle. At the same time, we check them over for any fleas, ticks or other nasties.  We will report to you with any concerns.

Photos and updates

We can help keep you connected while you away with photos or video of our visits, so you can enjoy your time away without feeling guilty! We will only send the photos to you – there will be no social media posts about the visits until you have returned, and only then with your consent.

Watering Plants

While we’re there, we may as well water any plants you have, so they can continue to thrive as well as your cat!

Picking up Post

No-one likes to come back to a doormat full of mail – and it’s a security risk too. We will collect your mail and put it in a designated spot for you to deal with once you’ve unpacked!

Welcome Home Package

If you ask us nicely, we may even pop a pint of milk in the fridge for you so you can have a cuppa to relax after your journey home!

We will spend a minimum of 30 minutes at your property and recommend 2 visits a day if you are going to be away overnight.

Cat Sitting Prices

£6 per half hour visit
£8 for final Welcome Home Package visit (plus the cost of groceries requested)

For more information or to book, contact us today